Artists Creating Together (ACT) approached us for assistance in creating a cohesive brand system. ACT is a non-profit in Grand Rapids that focuses on supplying arts to individuals with disabilities. Our proposal for the brand was to ensure clarity, consistency, and scalability throughout all applications as well as the brand and sub-brands.
User Scenarios 
Brand Audit
For this project, our goal was to ensure consistency across all our brand applications. 
Fact Sheet (for Donors)
Fact Sheet (for Donors)
My goal was to create consistent branding by creating templates for the ACT team. Creating templates in Microsoft was the best solution as they have already used these programs.
To ensure the team could use the brand effectively after their time with us was done, we spent time with them to train and answer any questions. 
Microsoft Powerpoint
While working in Powerpoint, my goal was to create a template that would work for the previous presentations we gathered from the brand audit. While creating the template, it was important to ensure this document could be recognizable for the brand and relate to all applications.
Microsoft Word
The purpose of creating templates in Word was to create a way for the ACT team to continue consistency across all materials. The template included the recommended margins and text styles.

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