Roadpass Digital is a travel-based company that gives information about all you need to know about RVing, Camping, and Roadtripping. Promotions run yearly, emails are sent weekly, 
and social posts are posted daily.
My job title was Social Media Design Intern; I worked on social media, including creating stories, Posts, and Banners for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I helped manage the day-to-day social media content. I began my internship in June 2022 and ended in December 2022.
• Nature Enthusiast
• 30-75-year-olds
• Travel Fanatics
• Weekend Wildings
• Daily Detourists
Social Media
For two of the Companies under the Roadpass umbrella, TOGO RV and Roadtrippers, I was given the opportunity to created the icons for the highlight covers on Instagram.
During different times of the year, Roadpass and all the sub-brands had promotions. The promotions ran on feeds and stories on Instagram and Facebook and as email banners. I was given the opportunity to create a lot of different assets for the promotions, including the Pause & Loop promo, which has been the biggest promotion in Roadpass History.
During my time at Roadpass, I was able to run Pinterest accounts for Roadtrippers, TOGO RV, and RVillage. There were stories posted to each of the brands' websites, and the goal of the Pinterest posts was to drive traffic to the sight. While running these accounts, it was part of my job to look at the analytics and make notes of what did well and what didn't, then constantly change the look of the posts based on traction.

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